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Is it the end for AT&T's iPhone exclusivity?

The folks over at HotHardware are claiming the iPhone will no longer be exclusive to AT&T on January 27th, according to an "inside source." Of course, the source is not revealed, leaving iPhone users anxiously awaiting Wednesday’s announcement by Apple.

The rumor of AT&T no longer holding exclusive rights to the iPhone in the U.S. leads sources to believe Verizon will be next in line to carry the popular device. Speculation surrounding the Apple tablet already includes Verizon as a top pick for wireless coverage. Verizon itself has made no secret of its desire to carry the iPhone, as well.

The question begs answering…how viable is this rumor? Well, Fox News reported Apple was in talks with both AT&T and Verizon to carry the tablet. It would make sense if a company offering the tablet would also carry the iPhone, allowing customers to take full advantage of Apple's portable lineup. A separate 4G iPhone could also be in the works.

With AT&T's image already marred by iPhone users' frustration at poor network coverage, it may be in Apple's best interest to branch out to other providers. Will AT&T users bite the early termination fee bullet and switch providers if Verizon does indeed carry the iPhone? At this point, January 27th looks to be one interesting day.

Image Credit: Hothardware

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