Is Logitech about to launch a gamepad that wraps around the iPhone?

The iPhone is home to tons of great casual games, including the likes of Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and many, many more. However, playing some hardcore games made on Apple's handset can be a pain as the touchscreen has not really been designed for games like first person shooters.

That may soon change. Apple added support for gamepads with the iOS 7 update and now the well known web leaker @evleaks has posted up a couple of images on his Twitter account today showing off what he claims is an iPhone gamepad accessory that's being made by Logitech.

The image shows that the gamepad wraps around the iPhone like a cover but also makes the handset longer thanks to the D-pad on the left and the Xbox-like A-B-X-Y buttons on the right. There are also what appear to be two trigger buttons on top. The back of the pad looks like it has a textured surface where the hands should go, which should offer a better grip.

Assuming these images are real (and @evleaks has been pretty reliable in the past), this new cover accessory should be a huge benefit for people who love to game on their iPhone but don't care much for touchscreen controls, which are often less than ideal. There's no word on when this add-on will be released nor at what price point.

Source: @evleaks on Twitter

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