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Is Motorola preparing a 'built-to-order' Android flagship phone?

Last week, we reported on rumours that Google may be preparing to establish a new paradigm in smartphone sales with its new Motorola 'X-Phone', by offering the ability for users to personalise their handset at the time of ordering, to customize its hardware features around what the customer requires.

While the ability to buy a built-to-order PC has long been available, smartphones have always been offered as an off-the-shelf purchase; different storage options are offered, as are different colours, but never has the consumer been provided with the option to actually customise the specs of their handset when buying it. 

Alleged early prototype of Motorola X-Phone

While this still remains far from confirmed, the rumours now have a lot more weight to them. Guy Kawasaki - venture capitalist, and former Chief Evangelist at Apple in the late eighties - joined Motorola in an advisory capacity at the beginning of this month, and in a Google+ posting this week, he appeared to substantiate the rumours that Moto plans to offer customizable hardware for its new flagship handset. 

"Wouldn't it be great if you could personalize your phone like this?"

...he posted, and added a link to a YouTube video featuring the Porsche Exclusive program, which allows car buyers to create "a Porsche as individual as your fingerprint". 

Now, this isn't exactly irrefutable confirmation that the X-Phone will offer the kind of customization for smartphones that PC and car buyers have enjoyed for so long, but one has to wonder why Kawasaki would post something so specific, just days after rumours swept across the web of Motorola's alleged plans in that respect. 

So what would you include in your dream phone if you could buy one built-to-order? Would you order the most kick-ass top-of-the-range beast that you possibly could, or would you opt for something a bit more sensible to meet only your basic requirements? Let us know what you've got in mind! 

Source: +GuyKawasaki via: Business Insider | Image via Tihnte.vn

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