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Kim Dotcom gets internet access, along with a way to record his album

Kim Dotcom, the founder of the now shut down file sharing website MegaUpload, now has the freedom to access the Internet again. Dotcom has been kept from using the Internet ever since he and other team members of MegaUpload have been arrested and charged for online piracy in mid-January.

Today, the New Zealand Herald reports that in a hearing, the judge in the case has ruled that Dotcom can once again surf the net, with his lawyers successfully arguing that Dotcom needed Internet access to help his case and defend himself in court on the charges brought on him by US law enforcement authorities.

The judge also ruled in favor of Dotcom on two more requests. One was for Dotcom to gain access again to the swimming pool at the $30 million rented mansion Dotcom was living in at the time of his arrest. While Dotcom and his family now live in a nearby home, the judge agreed that Dotcom can swim in the mansion's pool for 90 minutes a day.

Finally, the judge ruled that Dotcom can make two trips of four hours each a week to a recording studio in Auckland. Apparently, Dotcom is working on his music debut and is recording an album. There's no word on when or even if it will be released.

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