Kindle for Web launched, preview and share samples

Amazon has launched a new service called Kindle for Web. Previously customers had the ability to Look Inside and preview a few pages of a book before they bought it. Now Amazon has renamed this Kindle for Web, increased the sample size to the entire first chapter of a novel, and added social networking and sharing features.

Kindle for Web allows the user to read the entire first chapter of a book they are interested in directly from their web browser; no additional software is required to use this service. Along with reading the first chapter, users can also share the sample in a variety of ways: integration with Facebook, Twitter, and even Bloggers who use Amazon's Associates Program allow the samples to be shared, CNET writes

Using the Facebook and Twitter integration, customers can easily post links to the full samples right on their wall or in their feed. For those that are a part of the Amazon's Associates Program, Amazon is pushing for those users to post the samples as every book that is bought from that referral link on their blog will earn the associate referral fees.

Giving access to the first chapter, as well as allowing all of this integration of social network sharing will help boost sales by word of mouth. Kindle for Web appears to be HTML-5 driven, and could be used on devices like iPad.

Amazon currently has a demo page up to let users get familiar with the new set up and learn exactly what it is all about.

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