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LastPass Enterprise gets new controls, Okta, Active Directory integration

LastPass, creator of the eponymous password manager, has released the November update for its Enterprise offering, which brings expanded admin controls, among other things.

One of the standout features is that LastPass Enterprise now integrates with so-called "Identity Providers" like Okta and Microsoft's Azure Active Directory. This simplifies the onboarding process, meaning giving access to new employees and revoking it for former ones is made much easier by syncing to their preferred "source of truth". Basically, a "source of truth" is a trusted data source, in this case for the employee's information.

Given the need for some more granular control in certain enterprise settings, the business offering now also allows you to create, for example, a Helpdesk role. This has restricted admin privileges, which are granted in such a way as to help support staff more easily do their job. You can configure exactly how much access a person has via the Permission Tree illustrated in the image above.

Because it offers both enterprise and consumer versions of its product, LastPass now employs a new default policy. This is in place so that if a person has both their consumer and business accounts linked, the password manager will save each password in its appropriate vault.

Last but not least, businesses that have LastPass Enterprise in place can choose new Premium packages - alongside their existing Enterprise option -, thus giving employees a "personal password management solution" as a perk.

These new features will prove useful especially in light of the company's Password Exposé, which revealed that the average employee has to remember about 191 passwords and shares login details with four others. You can find the full report at this link. Regarding the issue of security, LastPass' GM, Matt Kaplan, was quoted as saying:

“The human element is the weakest link in security and represents the largest attack surface of an organization,”

“With this latest release, we are offering new integrations to popular identity providers which enables businesses to more rapidly increase their overall security posture by easily deploying LastPass company wide. At LastPass, we provide our business customers the best of both worlds – a frictionless experience employees love, protected by the strong security and control IT admins need.”

More information on pricing and feature availability can be found at the dedicated portal.

Image via LastPass

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