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Google is adding Gemini and more AI features to Chromebook Plus laptops

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In October 2023, Google officially announced the Chromebook Plus family of ChromeOS laptops. These notebooks are supposed to have higher-end hardware that would perform much better than standard Chromebooks. Today, the company revealed that all current and future Chromebook Plus devices will be getting some new AI features, including access to Google's Gemini AI chatbot.

In a blog post, Google stated that Gemini would be available for Chromebook Plus owners just by clicking or tapping on the Gemini icon in the home screen app shelf. Also, all new Chromebook Plus owners will get access to the Google One AI Premium plan for 12 months. That plan normally costs $19,99 a month, and it offers access to the Gemini Advanced model, along with 2 TB of cloud storage and Gemini access for Google Docs, Gmail, and more productivity services.

All Chromebook Plus products will be able to use the "Help me write" AI feature. Google says:

Simply right click to get suggestions or change the tone to fit your audience. Help me write will help you generate text from scratch using a prompt or you can rewrite your existing text to make what you wrote more formal, shorter, or rephrase it altogether — the options are endless.

Chromebook Plus owners will get access to create generative AI-based wallpaper and video backgrounds. It will also add access to the Magic Editor feature for Google Photos for quick edits of images and video, again with AI-based tools.

In addition to all the AI features, Chromebook Plus owners will get some additional functions as well. Android phone owners can use them to quickly set up a Chromebook Plus laptop so it shares the same Google account and Wi-Fi settings. There's also a new built-in screen capture tool that can capture activity on the screen and turn it into GIF images for some quick meme reactions.

Finally, there's a new Game Dashboard for Chromebook Plus users. It can let people who play mobile games on the laptop map their controls so they work better on the keyboard. All of these features will be available within the next week as a software update for Chromebook Plus users.

As if that were not enough, Google says it will add even more AI features to Chromebook Plus users in the near future. They include summarizing websites or PDF files and more.

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