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League of Legends passes 32,000,000 registered players

Gaming is growing bigger and bigger, with more games attracting more players. This rings true across all platforms, and all natures of game. The developers of the free online MMO League of Legends have announced their success, with the game reaching more than thirty two million people across the world, as their official blog proclaims.

The developers have also highlighted an important fact, that the community has doubled in only four months. At any given point they also state that there are at least 1,300,000 gamers enjoying their title. If this is correct, then it would be more people playing the game at any one time than during the general peak hours at the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (from my own experience on release day it was 'only' 1,200,000 or so, which is still highly respectable). Assuming the statistics for League of Legends are correct, it is equivalent to the entire population of Estonia playing the game at once.

Included in the blog is the following rather large infographic:

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