Leap motion sensing tech could be built into future laptops

Earlier this week, a newly minted company called Leap Motion revealed its first product, the Leap. It's a hardware add-on for the PC and Mac that, in the company's own words, contains motion sensing technology that is 200 times more accurate than anything currently on the market, in an obvious slam against Microsoft's Kinect device. The device is due to be released in early 2013 for just $70.

Engadget got a chance to demo a prototype of the Leap and liked what it saw. The article claims that while using the demo unit, the Leap didn't show any signs of lag while the user's fingers played games like Fruit Ninja or drew in a 3D art app.

Perhaps the coolest thing about the Leap is that the hardware required to use it is very small. It is so tiny that the hardware could actually be built into PC laptops, much like how cameras are now installed inside some PC notebooks. In fact, Leap Motion's leaders say they are currently in talks with unnamed but "several big hardware manufacturers" that could lead to an agreement for having the Leap hardware put inside future notebooks.

So the next time you buy a laptop, or perhaps even a desktop PC, you might do away completely with that mouse and keyboard in favor of the Leap technology. 

Source: Engadget

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