Less than one-third of all Twitter users are active

A new study has revealed that despite having 500 million total users, less than one-third all Twitter users are active. Additionally, only 75.4 percent of all public tweets came from Twitter's own products and services, including TweetDeck.

In an interview with TechCrunch's Ingrid Lunden, Semiocast founder Paul Guyot said only 27 percent of all Twitter users (or approximately 170 million users) were active at some point during a three month period. Semiocast classified active users as those who have changed their avatar, followed a new account or tweeted. The Netherlands has the highest amount of active users, with a 33 percent active user base, followed by Japan, which has a 30 percent active user base. The United States ranks fourth with an active user base of 28 percent.

Yesterday, Semiocast revealed that Twitter now has 500 million accounts, with 140 million of those accounts coming from the United States. The United States was by far the country with the most Twitter accounts, followed by Brazil with 41.2 million Twitter accounts. Guyot told Lunden that those figures didn't include identified spambots. "Twitter is massively deleting spam user accounts," he told Lunden. "Our figures do not include these deleted accounts."

In terms of what products and services accounts are tweeting from, 75.4 percent of public tweets come from Twitter products and services, including Tweetdeck. The Twitter website is still the single most popular tweeting platform, accounting for 27.6 of worldwide activity. Despite accounting for the most worldwide activity, the Twitter website still falls behind mobile products and services in terms of tweeting. Those mobile products and services account for 61 percent of all tweets.

Sources: TechCrunch, Semiocast | Image via TechCrunch

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