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Liebermann announces 64-bit Linux based L OS

L (Liebermann) just announced L OS, a what L says is a new generation open source high-performance 64-bit Linux based operating system, designed from ground up to fully take of performance-class hardware and software technologies such as PuRam Drives, Instant-On Technology, SuperBIOS, CacheFlow, upcoming high-bandwidth peripherals and 64-bit hardware, providing an unmatched creative platform for fully fledged business, pro grade multimedia and industrial strength networking capabilities. L OS will sport the same elegant user interface as developed on WinXP4L.

Liebermann also announces the end of computer rebooting. The L Instant-On Technology. With Instant-On computers can now turn on, off and load a full Windows session in less than one second and in some cases as fast as 1/8th of a second. Instant-On takes advantage of no latency/ extremely high- I/Os request performance of nonvolatile and non-mechanical PuRam Solid State Disk Drives and recent advances in both high-bandwidth hardware architectures and memory technologies, in the very same manner that a PDA or a PocketPC device wake-up from an Off state.

View: Press Release

News source: I4U News

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