Logitech release new gaming mouse: the Logitech G500

When Logitech released the G9 mouse, a big fuss kicked up in regards to the design and appearance of the mouse, with a lot of people disliking the square, hard shape of it. Now, Logitech have introduced their latest mouse, which aims to get loyal customers that stuck with their much loved Logitech G5s when the Logitech G9 was released, to consider an upgrade.

The Logitech Gaming Mouse G500 is, in Logitech's words, "the successor to the classic Logitech G5 Laser Mouse," and has a new look, higher maximum dpi (dots per inch), as well as onboard memory. As is the norm with Logitech gaming mice, the dpi can be bumped up and down on the fly, but unlike the G5, the G500 can go all the way up to 5700 dpi.

There's the usual weight cartridge which slides into the bottom of the mouse, allowing for the mouse to be fine tuned depending on how heavy the user likes their mouse to be. Interestingly, the new appearance looks very much like a cross between the G5 and the G9, and that applies to the features too: the scroll wheel looks very similar to the G9 one, except that the scroll wheel on the Logitech G500 has a button just below it that allows the scroll wheel to switch from click-to-click scrolling to free scrolling, something the G5 didn't offer.

Ruben Mookerjee, director of product marketing for gaming at Logitech, said "as more and more people make gaming with family and friends the new night out, Logitech continues to push the envelope with the Logitech G-series."

"If you're getting serious about gaming – or have already seen the light – then the best way to dive ever deeper into the game is by putting the G500 mouse in your good hand."

However, whether or not the new look and features on the mouse will be enough to persuade gamers to upgrade remains to be seen.

You can check out the full range of features, and some more pictures, at the product page.

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