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Mac client for Windows Phone 7 now available

With Windows Phone 7, Microsoft has made it clear that they intend to do things right. In this instance, right means being able to support Mac users who take the leap into the world of Windows phones. Windows Phone 7 Connector plans to do just that.

Apple provides a full-blown version of its iTunes software for PC users that choose to partake in their iGoodness, but Microsoft's approach seems far from that sort of solution. Instead of an actual client, WMPoweruser points out that the Windows Phone 7 Connector will forgo the Zune-esque experience, but still give Mac users the ability to sync music, photos, videos, and podcasts from their existing iTunes and iPhoto libraries. While this is far from being as appealing as a Mac version of the Zune Software, Microsoft seems to feel that it's enough.

Considering the ratio of Macs to PCs in the world, and then factoring in the number of those Mac users that will actually be using a Windows Phone 7 device, creating a full version of the Zune Software for the Mac may not make sense to the Redmond giant. Perhaps, financially, it's not worth the effort required. Or, maybe they just want Windows Phone 7 users to take advatange of the PC. Either way, they are still providing users with a compromise that is sure to be appreciated.

Below is a video walkthrough of the program. It's currently in beta and can be downloaded at Microsof't Download Center.

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