Major Microsoft To Do update for all platforms brings smart lists and more

Microsoft is bringing some major improvements to its To Do app on all platforms. The highlights include the addition of new All and Completed smart lists, bringing a new way to view lists, group contents by list or date, updated Today and Week view in the Planned list on Android, and more.

The new All and Completed smart lists are highly requested features that let users see all their tasks in one view. The tasks are segregated into lists that can be collapsed depending on preference. The Completed smart list lets users view all Completed tasks at once. The smart lists feature can be turned on from the settings and is now rolling out to the Windows, Android, and iOS apps.

The firm is also bringing a new Today, Tomorrow, and Week view to the Planned list in the Android app. The app now offers users the option to group the tasks by list or by the due date. When grouped by lists, users can collapse Home tasks or Office tasks and only have lists open that they wish to. The functionality is rolling out to the Android app first and will make it to other platforms soon.

iOS users are receiving the ability to have the app show a notification on the iOS app badge, reminding users of pending tasks. The app will let users choose between having the badge show up when tasks have been added to My Day and have not been completed or for all tasks that are due or overdue. Users can also keep the notification on the app badge turned off.

Other improvements to the app include the option to print lists, which is coming to apps on all platforms, and changes to how new tasks are added. Now, new tasks will by default be added to the list at the top whereas completed tasks will be moved to the bottom of the list. The apps on all platforms are also receiving bug fixes. Additionally, Wunderlist users can head here to switch to the To Do app, as that service is shutting down tomorrow.

You can head to the Microsoft Store to download the Windows 10 app, the Play Store for the Android app, and the App Store for the iOS app. Since the updates are gradually rolling out, they will eventually make it to all devices with time.

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