Mario, Luigi, and Kirby take the stage in upcoming 3DS titles

Nintendo finally held its Nintendo Direct presentation today, and it had news to show both regarding the newer Nintendo Switch system, but also for the 3DS handheld. Though the platform is reaching the end of its life, there are still a few titles on the way.

First off, the company announced Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, a remake of the 2010 game released on the Wii. The game sees players control Kirby in a world entirely made out of yarn, which allows for different play styles than what's found in more traditional titles such as Kirby Star Allies. The 3DS version includes a couple of new abilities, a new Devilish Mode where players have to try to avoid a new enemy demon that follows them around, and new minigames featuring popular characters from the franchise, such as King Dedede and Meta Knight. Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn launches sometime in 2019.

Nintendo also provided some detail about the 3DS remake of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. In addition to the original title from the Nintendo DS, it was already known that the title would feature a new storyline in the form of Bowser Jr.'s Journey. In this mode, players can build parties using many characters which are typically enemies in the franchise. The company also revealed that the game will launch on January 11, 2019.

The previously announced remake of Luigi's Mansion, a title originally launched on the Nintendo GameCube, also got some news today. The 3DS version of the title will offer a multiplayer co-operative mode for the first time, which allows two players to explore the haunted mansion together as long as they both have the game. If only one player owns the game, boss battles can still be played with two people through the console's Download Play feature. Lastly, the tile will also offer support for some amiibo figures, including Luigi himself, Toad, and Boo. Luigi's Mansion launches for the Nintendo 3DS on October 12.

Rounding out the 3DS news is an update for Yo-kai Watch Blasters, a role-playing game that's slowly been gaining popularity. The title is already available, but players can look forward to the Moon Rabbit Crew update, which will include new missions, new areas, new friendly characters, and new boss fights. The update will launch on September 27.

Nintendo is doing a decent job of supporting the Nintendo 3DS, though it's mostly doing so by remaking previous titles. This is probably the easiest way for the company to capitalize on the large number of users that already have the console while keeping costs down.

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