Mark Zuckerberg confirms native Android application, says HTML5 was a mistake

Live at Techcrunch Disrupt, Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that the company would be developing a native Facebook application for Android, and that the company regretted choosing HTML5 as their technology for mobile devices.

Mark, surprisingly candidly said that "The biggest mistake we made as a company was betting too much on HTML5 instead of native. We burnt two years" and carried on to say that "that's why we chose to switch to native for Android and iOS two months ago." He reiterated that HTML5 was Facebook's biggest ever mistake.

He went on to say that "the first half year has been a little bit slow on product, but for the next six months I expect a lot of really cool stuff" which sounds like Facebook is finally improving on the basic applications they have, and pointed out that the company isn't planning on building a phone, but instead plans on building "deeper, better experiences" on existing platforms that are available.

Obviously, there aren't any more details on the native version of Facebook for Android, but we're sure that thousands of users are relieved to hear it's coming. Last month, Facebook forced their employees to switch to Android phones so that they would understand how terrible it is to use the application.

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