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Microsoft acquires BlueTalon to build upon deep data privacy

Today, Microsoft has announced that it is acquiring software security firm BlueTalon. Through this move, the tech giant hopes to simplify data privacy across modern data estates.

The BlueTalon team will now work on developing deep data privacy solutions as part of Azure data. It will also be providing its own Unified Data Access Control solutions for modern data platforms. Centralized data governance at a larger scale through Microsoft's cloud computing platform will be made more efficient. The Redmond firm will be looking to help enterprises remain compliant to all modern security and privacy regulations, such as GDPR. This move will see BlueTalon become part of Microsoft's Azure Data Governance group to fulfill the aforementioned goals.

In a separate blog post, BlueTalon CEO Eric Tilenius commented on how this acquisition came about, noting:

"BlueTalon enterprise customers increasingly began to migrate more and more of their data to the cloud and asked us to support them in that process. As we began exploring partnership opportunities with various hyperscale cloud providers to better serve our customers, Microsoft deeply impressed us. The Azure Data team was uniquely thoughtful and visionary when it came to data governance. We found them to be the perfect fit for us in both mission and culture. So when Microsoft asked us to join forces, we jumped at the opportunity."

Data privacy has become an increasing cause of concern in contemporary times. There have been a number of controversies involving tech giants in the past, and new investigations into how companies control consumer data crop up time and again. Microsoft 365 introduced a new compliance center earlier this year to adhere to such privacy regulations, and the tech giant's current acquisition seems to have been made with similar concerns acting as motivators.

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