Microsoft adds six more games to Xbox One Backward Compatibility

Microsoft today announced six new games that are being added to Xbox One Backward Compatibility. If that sounds like a lot, it's because it's meant to be. We're not going to see any new releases until after the holiday season.

In fact, the company also confirmed that there won't be anymore Windows 10 Insider Preview builds until 2017 either. Clearly, it's vacation time.

A week ago, the Backward Compatibility list hit a milestone of including 300 games. Three more were added on Tuesday, so with today's additions, it should have 309 titles.

Here's what's new today:

Bully Scholarship Ed. ($14.99)

Bully: Scholarship Edition takes place at the fictional New England boarding school, Bullworth Academy and tells the story of mischievous 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins as he goes through the hilarity and awkwardness of adolescence. Beat the jocks at dodge ball, prank the preppies, save the nerds, kiss the girl and ultimately navigate the social hierarchy in the worst school around.

Catherine ($19.99)

Explore the pleasures and horrors of love as Vincent, a man with a hard choice to make: marry his longtime girlfriend Katherine or move on to the incredible blonde he just woke up next to—named Catherine! But beware! Make the wrong choice, and you could end up dead. Delving into themes of free will, and the delicate nature of relationships and the choices we make within them, this action-adventure/puzzle game is an experience wholly unlike any to come before it.

Clannad (¥4,104, Japan-only)

Planets Under Attack ($14.99)

Humanity discovered a new galaxy rich with resources and wonders and it's up to you to conquer it! Guide your space fleet through the depth of space, discovering new star systems and colonizing planets. Beware, you are not alone in the universe and other races also starve for living space and are ready to fight for it. Not to mention mysterious treasures, dark secrets, treacherous rivals and Bosses! Planets Under Attack is a fast and fun strategy game, easy to understand and to control, offering dozens of hours of tactical fun. * Campaign consisting of 32 levels and multiple game modes * Epic boss battles and Incredible alien foes * Powerful techs to improve your strategies * Online and offline Multiplayer for up to 4 players * Team multiplayer * 2 playable races

Raskulls ($9.99)

Raskulls is a bone-shakingly crazy action platformer for Xbox Live Arcade! Embark on an action-packed adventure in the Raskulls Mega Quest, starring the lovable yet completely self-centred King, tough-but-fair Bonesaw and the unlikely hero Dragon. Save the world and unlock Achievements in the single player Mega Quest spanning three chapters and over 60 levels! Take your platforming prowess online around the world, or simply on the couch with friends in Raskulls Multiplayer! Raskulls is here to stay, so it's now your quest to jump, fall, swim and bash your way through every inch of the rich Raskulls world!

Skydive ($6.99)

In Skydive: Proximity Flight, your movements are completely unrestricted. With the help of Kinect sensor you can use your body to speed up, maneuver and soar through the air, like a real skydiver. Learn mid-air tricks that only professional skydivers can do, or make up your own tricks alone or with friends.

While backward compatible games are a great way to have fun on the cheap, don't forget about Games with Gold, which offers four free games per-month for Xbox Live Gold members. You've only got until the end of the day to grab Murdered: Soul Suspect (Xbox One), which was among last month's offerings, and Outland (Xbox 360), which is part of this month's Games with Gold. You can also pick up Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (Xbox One) until the end of the month.

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