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Microsoft announces the Anniversary Update for Windows Holographic

A few weeks ago, Dona Sarkar said that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update would roll out to PCs and phones beginning on August 2, and it would come to Xbox One and HoloLens later. Instead, the Xbox One update came first, phones got delayed, and the Windows Holographic AU is coming out right now.

The news comes just over two months after the first major update to the Windows Holographic platform, which is the operating system that powers the HoloLens. The next day, Microsoft would open up the OS to all OEMs, making a big play for augmented, virtual, and mixed reality.

Here's what's new in the Windows Holographic Anniversary:

Attach To Process Debugging
HoloLens now supports attach-to-process debugging. You can use Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 to connect to a running app on a HoloLens and start debugging it. This works without the need to deploy from a Visual Studio project.

Updated HoloLens Emulator
We've also released an updated version of the HoloLens Emulator.

Gamepad Support
You can now pair and use Bluetooth gamepads with HoloLens! The newly released Xbox Wireless Controller S features Bluetooth capabilities and can be used to play your favorite gamepad-enabled games and apps. A controller update must be applied before you can connect the Xbox Wireless Controller S with HoloLens. The Xbox Wireless Controller S is supported by XInput and Windows.Gaming.Input APIs. Additional models of Bluetooth controllers may be accessed through the Windows.Gaming.Input API.

There are also a number of fixes and improvements:

  • We've improved experiences around

    • log in experiences.

    • workplace join.

    • power efficiency for device power state transitions.

    • stability with Mixed Reality Captures.

    • reliability for Bluetooth connectivity

    • hologram persistence in multi app scenario.

  • We've fixed an issue where

    • the Visual Studio profilers and graphics debugger fail to connect.

    • photos & documents do not show up in the file explorer in the device portal.

    • the App Bar can flash when the cursor is placed above it while in Adjust mode.

    • When in Adjust mode, the eye gaze dot cursor will change to the 4-arrow cursor sometime more slowly.

    • "Hey Cortana play music" does not launch Groove.

    • after the previous update, saying "Go Home" does not display the pins panel correctly.

According to the release notes, the build number that's rolling out is 14393.0. To grab the update, head over to Settings -> Update & security -> Check for updates.

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