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Microsoft brings big data cloud tools to US government employees

Microsoft is continuing to focus on the government IT space and has announced the certification and launch of two additional programs as part of the Microsoft Cloud for Government service. Today’s additions, HDInsight and Power BI Pro for Government, focus on big data and analysis.

According to Microsoft the new additions will allow government employees to dig through troves of data faster than ever before, gather deeper insight more quickly, and save taxpayers’ money in the process. Of course, the company’s services also adhere to the government’s strictest security standards to ensure the data is secure.

With the two new additions to the Azure for Government platform, Microsoft has identified some additional benefits:

  • With Power BI and HDInsight, agencies can more easily use technology to take hourly readings from weather sensors throughout the U.S. and assess past accident history so that employees can determine where they should implement road closures to help avoid and reduce accidents.
  • With the publish-to-web capability of Power BI Pro, agencies can make data more available to citizens, such as publishing insurance or demographic data and presenting the data in a more visual manner.
  • Using data-driven insights to help make faster and more informed decisions is increasingly important: Power BI can help agencies visualize and analyze data in one place, and create personalized dashboards to quickly monitor and drill down into their most important information without running legacy reporting solutions.

The company announced it’s launching Cognitive Services for Government, that brings along some of the most interesting aspects of Microsoft’s machine-learning technology. Machine vision, text to speech, voice recognition, and real-time translations will be able to be leveraged by government employees to maximize efficiency.

Microsoft says it has six million government users in its program and all of them will be able to benefit from these new additions to its services.

Source: Microsoft

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