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Microsoft brings its updated news app to Windows 10 devices

Microsoft announced a rebrand of its MSN News app to Microsoft News last week, bringing an app update to Android and iOS users which refreshed and redesigned the app.

Now, the firm is testing a similar redesigned app for Windows 10 users, rolling out an upgrade to Fast Ring Insiders.

Aside from the rebrand to Microsoft News, the app update adds acrylic to the app's sidebar, making it more transparent. The splash screen upon launch has moved from static to animated, and Microsoft has added a quick shortcut to download the mobile app in the sidebar. The app retains features like continuous reading, allowing one to swipe from one story to another seamlessly.

Microsoft's new take on its news service isn't simply content aggregation like Feedly or Flipboard, the firm says it curates the news page to present multiple sides of the story, so users can get a fuller view of an issue with a mix of news and well thought out opinion articles from multiple viewpoints.

To that end, Microsoft has more than 800 editors from regions as varied as Germany, India and Mexico, providing a localized and relevant experience for users of the app.

Microsoft's updated News app is available from the Microsoft Store and is expected to roll out to regular users in the coming months.

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