Microsoft confirms that Outlook Lite is coming to Android

Outlook and Android logos on a black background

Microsoft recently updated the 365 Roadmap to include a version of Outlook for Android which will be marketed as Outlook Lite. This version of the app will bring the main features of the existing Outlook app to budget devices that are lower end, with the size being smaller but the performance being speedier, which will be supported on any network.

This will be a benefit to those who are looking for a less demanding Outlook client, particularly if they are a business who utilise lower end devices, however, it is not yet confirmed exactly which features will be included and which will be cut from this stripped down version. The expectation will be that the core features, such as Mail and Calendar access, will be included with this version as a bare minimum.

Microsoft already have one Lite offering with Skype, and this brings them alongside numerous companies who have already created versions of their apps with a more stripped back experience that is less demanding on devices, such as Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Firefox and Google themselves with their Go branding.

The roadmap states that the app will be made available later this month internationally on the Google Play store.

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