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Microsoft exec claims error on .Net Server date

Thanks Vla for this interesting bit of news! A MICROSOFT EXECUTIVE, who on Wednesday said that the next version of Microsoft's server operating system would be released in mid-2003, now says he gave incorrect information.

A very apologetic Enrique Murray, Microsoft's Latin America marketing manager, said on Friday that Windows .Net Server remains on track for release toward the end of the current calendar year.

Murray sat in on a phone interview the IDG News Service had with Neil Charney, director of Microsoft's .Net Platform Strategy Group, on Wednesday. Asked when Microsoft would release Windows .Net Server, Charney answered that he believed the product would be released by the end of the 2002 calendar year. But Murray then jumped in and corrected Charney, saying the product's release date was the middle of the 2003 calendar year.

Murray said on Friday that he mixed up Microsoft's fiscal year with the calendar year. Microsoft's fiscal year begins in July.

"I'm very sorry about this mistake. We're definitely on track to delivering this product towards the end of the 2002 calendar year," he said.

News source: Infoworld

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