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Microsoft investigating Windows Phone 7 phantom data

Some Windows Phone 7 users are reporting that their new mobile device is using data without their knowledge. Some reports that the 'phantom' data is sharing up to 2-5MB per hour, and in some extreme cases, 50MB a day.

Microsoft told the BBC News that it is currently investigating the claims, in hopes that they can find the root cause and patch it. Some users are reporting that they are receiving emails from their carriers warning them they are about to go over their data cap, even when they don't use data very much.

Microsoft is planning to release an update to Windows Phone 7, with performance improvements to the entire phone, including faster application and game load times, copy & paste, and better marketplace searching. All hopes are that the update corrects the issue, so we won't see any delays in the release.

Steve Ballmer noted during his CES press conference that Microsoft is planning to release an update for Windows Phone 7, with "a series of platform improvements." The update is expected to release later this month or early February 2011. Microsoft reported that the Windows Phone 7 update will change the way the software handles memory, and allow for better allocation to increase application and game load times.

Thanks to Subject Delta for pointing this out in the forums!

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