Microsoft is in Danger (Inc.)

Microsoft has signed a deal to purchase Danger, the makers of the T-Mobile Sidekick product but otherwise known as the Danger Hiptop to those within the industry. With this move, Microsoft has decidedly entered the mobile phone market and has announced a declaration of competition against Google's forthcoming Android phone software.

Danger's relationship with both Microsoft and Google is somewhat incestuous since the original co-founder left Danger to run Google's Android project.

The good news for consumers is that Apple, Microsoft and Google will all be competing to provide the best mobile phone and web services at the lowest price. Well, on second thought, Apple may not be competing directly on price but their product will invariably look better and have a rewarding user experience. We're sure there will be something for everyone and we'll all be happy so long as the customer has choices. Clearly, there will be at least three.

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