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Microsoft is working on a new mode for Edge in Canary channel specifically for gamers

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Microsoft is trying out a new feature for its Edge web browser that is specifically targeting the PC gaming community. The company has added gaming features in the past too, like "Clarity Boost".It's called Edge for Gamers, and Microsoft slipped it in quietly in a recent update to the Canary channel for Edge insiders.

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The new Edge for Gamers feature was spotted by "Leopeva64" on Twitter earlier in May. It's located when users click on the Appearance option in Edge's Settings. The description of the feature states:

Level up your experiences in and out of game with a gaming homepage, sidebar apps for gamers, efficiency mode for PC, gaming dark mode, gaming themes and more.

"Leopeva64" added in his Twitter post, and a follow up post, that when the toggle is turned on, Edge's dark mode is also turned on automatically. It also loads the Windows Discord and Twitch apps automatically in the sidebar. That would be a nice touch for PC gamers who wanted to chat with other players, or quickly stream their PC game sessions, without having to load those apps separately.

Turning on the game toggle also reportedly redirected Edge users to the Themes section of its Add-ons Store, presumably so users can purchase and download gaming-related themes.

Finally, yet another toggle reportedly pops up that's labeled "Improve your PC gaming experience with efficiency mode". It says that when this mode is turned on, it will cut down on Edge's CPU usage which should put more CPU performance in any active game sessions.

Since this new "Edge for Gamers" toggle appeared on the Canary channel, it's possible that Microsoft could, and likely will, make some major changes and additions to the mode before it's released for all Edge users. Alternatively, it's also possible Microsoft may not move forward with the new toggle after it gets tested with Canary Edge channel subscribers.

Via: Windows Report

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