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Microsoft loses round in display patent case

An Arizona judge has ruled that Microsoft infringed on display and printing technology patents, which could result in a jury decision amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars, according to court documents obtained by Reuters.

Research Corporation Technologies, based in Tucson, Ariz., had alleged that Microsoft was using its patented technologies in its Windows and Office software products. The technology in question involve halftones, which are used to display images on computer screens and to print them without distortion. Senior U.S. District Judge William Browning ruled on Tuesday that Microsoft had infringed on four of RCT's patents. He granted a request for summary judgment by RCT, paving the way for jury trial. Microsoft had opposed the summary judgment motion. The world's largest software maker, a frequent target of litigation, said that it would fight the case in court. "We are disappointed in the ruling and believe there was no infringement of the technology in question, which was developed by Microsoft engineers," said Microsoft spokesman Jim Desler. "We will continue to contend that the patents are invalid."

News source: C|Net News.com

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