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Microsoft makes fun of VMware with new "Tad" videos

Let's face it; trying to make a parody video series where you make fun of a private cloud solution can be hard. Microsoft is giving it the college try with a new series of videos featuring "Tad", the fictional spokesperson for the equality fictional company VMlimited. Microsoft previously introduced "Tad" to the world in August.

In the videos, "Tad" looks and sounds like a 1970s movie reject. Microsoft is trying to make the point that companies like "VMlimited" (an obvious dig at VMware) are stuck in the past while Microsoft's private cloud solutions have features that the competition doesn't have.

Do the videos make their point? Well, we do enjoy a 70s homage every once in a while. We also dig "Tad's" sideburns. You can even check out VMlimited's web site for some more groovy action.

However, we do have to question Microsoft's reasoning about making a marketing campaign like this for an audience that, at least on the surface, seems so limited. This might work for an Xbox ad campaign but in the end, unless you are a hard core IT employee, a lot of the video is going to go over your head. We still love the sideburns, though.

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