Microsoft: More Mice Are Merrier

Microsoft has yet another trick up its sleeve, this time not as mysterious as the last one. Have you ever considered how great if would be if the friend sitting beside you had his own mouse hooked up to your computer? Or what if the alternative to your console was the PC, multiple controllers and all? The software giant has introduced MultiPoint: multiple input devices functioning concurrently on a single PC. Microsoft Research India, the unit behind the project, is aiming to address the problem of schools in developing nations being unable to afford more than one PC.

By linking each student to an individually coloured cursor, MultiPoint organizes students into teams and asks them to perform a series of tasks before moving on to the next screen. More kids can access the PC and teachers can track each student's performance. Sherri Bealkowski, general manager for Microsoft's Emerging Markets Education group says "it helps them learn collaboration and computer familiarity so that they can be competitive and can help their countries be competitive." An alpha version and software development kit are due in January but Microsoft plans to publish regular builds until release to manufacturing in May. Although exclusively marketed for emerging markets, Bealkowski said that Microsoft may make MultiPoint available in the U.S. market.

News source: InternetNews

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