Microsoft overhauls Skype notifications, might actually make them work properly

In recent weeks, Microsoft's Skype team has been pretty busy, rolling out updates for its apps on iOS, Android, Mac and even Linux, along with two updates for Windows Phone 8 (as well as killing off its Windows Phone 7 client). But as many Skype users will know, one major weakness has persisted throughout these updates - and many others - regardless of device or platform: notifications. 

Today, Microsoft announced that it is finally fixing this weak link, promising that it is embarking on "the next step in our journey to offer the best possible Skype experience across all devices." As part of the improvements, Microsoft is introducing active endpoint support, which it says will send chat notifications only to the device that you're currently using. 

You may well have experienced a scenario where, while engaged in conversation with someone on your PC or tablet, your phone lights up or beeps every time you get a reply from the other person, notifying you of their incoming Skype message. This is precisely what Microsoft aims to eliminate. It says that when you're messaging someone on one device, "all of your other devices will remain blissfully silent." 

As soon as you stop 'actively using' Skype on any particular device, your notifications will immediately become less focused, opening up to all of your devices to make sure the latest message is delivered to you, wherever you may be. The changes apply specifically to chat notifications, and not incoming call alerts, which will continue to be "sent to all devices so you can answer on whichever gadget you prefer, not just the one you're closest to." 

Microsoft says that the rollout of this new notification update has begun and will continue over the next few weeks. It advises users to ensure that they have the latest Skype version installed on all devices to ensure that the active endpoint support works as intended. 

Source: Microsoft

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