Microsoft posts videos showing off Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 features

Microsoft released a video on Monday that had a more surreal introduction of the upcoming Surface 2 tablet. However, people who were looking for some actual information about both the Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2 could also check out two more videos that offered a quick overview of the new tablets.

The Surface 2 video shows off the new silver back color of the Windows RT tablet and the new kickstand with two settings. Much of the video puts the emphasis on Windows 8.1 RT, with the new larger Live tiles and more integrated search features.

The video that focuses on the Surface Pro 2 repeats much of what was in the Surface 2 clip but also shows off the new wireless accessory for the Type Cover, along with the Surface Pen stylus.

By the way, the very end of Microsoft's Surface presentation on Monday, which the company posted separately on its own press site, has a clip of what its likely the first TV commercial for the new Surface tablets. There's no dancing involved this time but it uses a new variation of the same music in the background.

The commercial, which has yet to be uploaded to YouTube, shows the products actually being used and describes a few features. Yes, it's a bit more ordinary but perhaps that's what's needed to help sell these new Surface tablets.

Source: Surface on YouTube

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