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Microsoft quietly added couple new Windows 11 shortcuts for your help

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There is no denying that when it comes to desktops, Windows is a popular OS. But while most users prefer to use their mouse clicks and occasionally the keyboard to type in things, the latter can be useful in many more ways thanks to keyboard shortcuts that most casual users rarely use as their usage tends to be confined to enthusiasts and working professionals.

We have covered quite a few of them here at Neowin in the past. The one that helps reset the display driver can be quite useful in case you are having display-related issues like black screen or glitching or fizzling.

One of our senior reporters Taras Buria wrote up a guide talking about 11 such handy shortcuts he uses daily in his workflow.

While Windows is already a pretty mature OS, Microsoft keeps adding some new shortcuts from time to time, though not all of them may be all that useful for the general audience. For example, the company, some time around September last year, added a shortcut that would launch LinkedIn on your default browser.

Recently, a couple of new shortcuts were added on Windows 11 that can help to resize column width inside File Explorer on Windows 11. These were added to the list of keyboard shortcuts Microsoft maintains on its official website sometime around the end of February or early March.

  • Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow: Decrease column width.

  • Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow: Increase column width.

Sizing column widths inside File Explorer is easy enough using the mouse pointer in addition to the new keyboard shortcuts provided above. However, there is another way to do so by putting in exact pixel (px) values inside the "Width of selected column (in pixels)" box if you want precise column sizes.

Adjust File Explorer column width in Windows 10 with pixel value
Adjust File Explorer column width in Windows 10 with pixel value

Microsoft has a guide about it on its website as well.

In related news, recently, a new secret shortcut inside Windows OOBE was discovered when the source code was cut open.

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