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Microsoft registers AnarchistFashion.com and a few others too

Microsoft registers quite a few domains, and while some of them are never used, others become new applications, like Sway.  On this edition of new Microsoft domains, the company has registered AnarchistFashion.com and your guess is as good as ours about why they would need that specific URL.

The name could be for an upcoming game, promotional event or an internal project but it will certainly raise a few eyebrows purely based on the name alone. 

The company has also registered a few other names too, including ProjectCaboStore.com and AzureOperationalInsights.com. The second name is quite easy to determine its use as it will likely be for an analytics application for Azure. The first name could be related to Microsoft's new effort to combine all of its stores under one roof but alas, other than the name, that's about all we really know.

Like we said, Microsoft registers tons of domains that never make it past the conceptual stage or are only used for internal projects.

If you have any guesses about what AnarchistFashion.com could be used for, let us know in the comments below, as your guess is as good as ours.

Thanks for the tip @bav0!

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