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Microsoft releases Facebook application for Zune HD

A while back, Microsoft promised to release a couple apps for their Zune HD device – namely, software for Twitter and Facebook. The Twitter application has been out and about for a while, and those who use it are happy with it, though at the time, the Facebook application was nowhere to be seen. Today, Microsoft has lived up to the second half of its promise, with the second social networking app now ready and available for use on your Zune HD.

According to Microsoft's official page on the application, you'll see four tabs upon opening it up: Home, Profile, Friends, and, of course, your Inbox. All work pretty much as expected, with the Home tab displaying all the latest posts and content, Profile showing you the latest updates to your profile, Friends giving you a list of your friends, and the Inbox letting you read and reply to messages. A rather nifty feature can be found on the Home page, where you can set your status to the song you're currently listening to by tapping the Zune icon. Aside from that, it's exactly what you'd expect in a Facebook application, from status updates to photo albums.

You can get your hands on the Facebook app by following Microsoft's instructions, as can be found here (or, in short, get it from the Marketplace). Be patient if it doesn't work at first, as a lot of users are having issues gaining access to some of their pages, though the problem will hopefully be sorted out soon. Let us know how it goes!

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