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Microsoft releases Windows 10 build 19041 to the Fast and Slow rings

It's that time again, time for a new Windows 10 Insider Preview. Once again, today's build is available in both the Fast and the Slow rings, since the two are aligned until the Fast ring gets moved to the next feature update. We're getting close to the RTM build now, so build 19041 doesn't include any new front-facing feattures.

There was one feature in the "other updates" section of the blog post. Quick Search is now available in languages other than EN-US. It's now available in the following languages:

  • Australia: English
  • Canada: English and French
  • China: Chinese (Simplified)
  • France: French
  • Germany: German
  • India: English
  • Italy: Italian
  • Japan: Japanese
  • Mexico: Spanish
  • Spain: Spanish
  • United Kingdom: English
  • United States: English

As usual, there are several fixes and improvements in the build. They're small lists these days, since Windows 10 Insider PReview builds are now arriving twice a week. Here's what got fixed and improved in build 19041:

  • The build watermark at the lower right-hand corner of the desktop is no longer present in this build.This doesn’t mean we’re done…
  • We fixed an issue resulting in an increased number of Insiders experiencing rollbacks (error code 0xc1900101) when upgrading to recent builds.
  • We fixed an issue from recent builds that could result in a crash when trying to log into a secondary account on your device.
  • We fixed an issue when using the Japanese IME in certain Office apps that could result in the candidate window not appearing when using reconversion.
  • We fixed an issue that could result in win32 apps experiencing an unexpected increase in CPU usage if left idle after having opened the Common File Dialog.

The fact that the watermark is gone has been listed for a few weeks now. And while it's always clear that it doesn't mean the team is done, it does mean that the team is close to done. Also, there are some known issues to be aware of:

  • BattlEye and Microsoft have found incompatibility issues due to changes in the operating system between some Insider Preview builds and certain versions of BattlEye anti-cheat software. To safeguard Insiders who might have these versions installed on their PC, we have applied a compatibility hold on these devices from being offered affected builds of Windows Insider Preview. See this article for details.
  • We’re looking into reports of the update process hanging for extended periods of time when attempting to install a new build.
  • We’re looking into reports of certain external USB 3.0 drives not responding with Start Code 10 after they’re attached.
  • We’re looking into reports of the Optimize Drives Control Panel incorrectly reporting that optimization has never run on some devices.

As usual, there's nothing crazy in the known issues list, such as a few things that Microsoft has to look into and an issue with anti-cheat software that has been there for over a year now. It's up to game developers to fix that, so it's presumably going to be listed on every Windows 10 Insider Preview blog post until the end of time.

You can download today's build through Windows Update. If you're not on the Fast or the Slow ring, you can get started in the Windows Insider Program tab.

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