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Microsoft releases Xbox One version 1802 to everyone

Today, Microsoft released a minor feature update to Xbox One users, version 1802, which has been in testing with Insiders for almost a month. Every month or two, the company releases these updates in-between its biannual major features updates, the next of which should be finalized next month.

Users will now be able to see "Next Achievements" from within the Guide, so you can see which ones you're closest to completing. The Guise also includes new Mini Game Hubs, as well as installation progress bars where you can see the download queue.

There's also a 'do not disturb' mode. If you've ever been playing a game and found it truly annoying when your console gave you a notification that someone else is online or that you received a Skype message, this is good news. You won't have to be bothered by those anymore.

There are some small changes to the community feed, such as making it easier to view comments and seeing recent comments when viewing it full screen. Another minor feature is that you can choose to shut your console down after two, three, four, or five hours of inactivity, rather than just one or six.

While these small new features are welcome, the big news is that now that 1802 is out, that means that 1803 is next. This is the major release that coincides with the next big feature update to Windows 10. In other words, Insiders on the Alpha ring should start seeing previews for that soon.

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