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Microsoft reportedly plans to add one of the most requested features to Windows 11's Widgets

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In late 2021, Windows 11 introduced Windows Widgets—a dedicated space for glanceable tile-like apps and news. Since then, users have been asking Microsoft for two things: add support for third-party widgets and allow pinning widgets to the desktop. The first one is already here—slow but steady, the Microsoft Store gets third-party widgets support from other companies (only Facebook and Spotify for now). Now it is time for Microsoft to address the second most-requested feature: the ability to pin widgets to the desktop.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft plans to let Windows 11 users place widgets on the desktop to create a Windows 7-like experience with its famous gadgets. It is a highly-anticipated feature many users want to get in the current OS or what is about to substitute it later next year (check out this Windows "12" concept and a similar to it variant).

Unfortunately, there is no information on when the feature will arrive. However, the upcoming Build 2023 conference will have a session dedicated to Windows Widgets, so it is reasonable to expect Microsoft to share more details there.

Microsoft is testing other widget-related changes, such as a redesigned widget board with dedicated spaces for widgets and news, an iOS-like widget picker, and animated and theme-aware icons. All those changes are already available in Windows 11 preview builds.

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