Microsoft reportedly preparing Insider Program for Surface Duo

The original Surface Duo with Spotify and OneNote running side-by-side

Most major phone manufacturers allow their customers to preview upcoming software updates to get feedback and improve future releases before their public debut. Microsoft is also no stranger to such programs—its Windows Insider Program has millions of users trialing preview updates and new features in Windows 11 and 10. A similar program might soon be available to those owning Microsoft's dual-screen Android smartphones, recently updated to Android 12L.

A screenshot showing the Surface Insider Program on the Surface Duo

Gustave Monce (@gus33000), a developer who made it possible to run Windows 11 on the first and second-gen Surface Duo, uncovered traces of the "Surface Insider Program" while going through the device's software guts. As of now, you cannot sign up for the Surface Insider Program—the feature hides behind "two mechanisms" that ensure only those approved by Microsoft can get inside.

A screenshot showing the Surface Insider Program on the Surface Duo

Besides providing early software updates, Surface Insider allows testers to toggle on and off specific "flags" that manage certain capabilities, similar to how we enable some cool hidden features in Microsoft Edge and Windows 11. Finally, Gustave says the program features a flyout for selecting a "ring," which could work like channels in Windows Insider.

A cherry on top of all these findings is an app for testing devices' sensors, and it features a fantastic icon for the tilt-to-wake feature.

A screenshot of the Surface Sensor tool
He He!

There is no information on when Microsoft plans to unveil the program to the public (if ever). Zac Bowden from Windows Central says the Surface Insider Program "has been on the to-do list for the Duo team for many months." Perhaps Surface Duo users need to wait a few more months to start testing software updates for their dual-screen smartphones.

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