Microsoft seemingly confirms that its new Surface devices will have a black color option

The current Surface family

A couple of weeks ago, we heard that Microsoft might be bringing back the black color option for its Surface devices at the hardware event taking place tomorrow. Now, the Redmond company itself is strongly hinting at the possibility, if not simply confirming it.

As spotted by Twitter user WalkingCat, Microsoft is holding an event in Auckland, New Zealand on October 16 with a description that says that Surface is going 'back to black' - which is also the name of the event itself. To make things even more obvious, the page also mentions how Microsoft's hardware brand started off with black models back in 2012.

Since then, Microsoft abandoned that color scheme and made the platinum finish the 'signature color' for Surface. It wasn't until last year that Microsoft launched different colored devices again with the Surface Laptop, but black wasn't among the options offered. It's interesting that Microsoft has embraced dark tones for most of its software in recent years - making them a part of Windows 10, Office, and many other apps and services - while seemingly dropping them in the hardware department.

We still know don't which elements of the Surface family will be released in black models, or why Microsoft would hold an entirely separate event dedicated to the 'new' color scheme. It could be that the black variants of the devices will be announced separately, though the reason for that is unclear. Hopefully, some of these questions are answered at tomorrow's hardware event.

Source: Microsoft via WalkingCat, WindowsCentral

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