Microsoft's US Store website now sold out of the 64 GB Surface Pro [Update: They're back]

If you were hoping that you might get your hands on a Surface Pro tablet today by ordering it from the Microsoft Store website but didn't pull the trigger yet, you are officially out of luck if you live in the US. Both the 64 GB and the 128 GB versions of Microsoft's newest tablet are now listed as "Out of Stock".

The 128 GB model was the first to sell out, but it still took only 16 hours for the 64 GB model to become unavailable to purchase as well.  If you live in Canada, both models are still available from their Microsoft Store website; is now showing both models are out of stock.

The Best Buy website in the US shows both versions of the Surface Pro as being available, but not for online shipments. The same is true for the Best Buy Canada website. The web site for Future Shop in Canada shows both version as not available for shipment online and only the 64 GB version as being reservable in stores.

Update : Look's like Microsoft found a few extra units; the site now shows the 64 GB version in stock again.

Thanks to ians18 for the tip!

Source: Microsoft Store | Image via Microsoft

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