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Lines form around the US for the Surface Pro launch

The Surface Pro has been met with a plethora of demand today as lines have been spotted around the US with hopeful consumers who are looking to get their hands on the device today. We have nabbed a few pictures from twitter to show that while some may have written the Surface off as another Microsoft failure, consumer response seems to indicate the opposite.

Image via Alan Kimmer, Twitter

If you were hoping to get your hands on a Surface Pro today, you may need to search far and wide as it is being reported that many Microsoft stores have sold out of the devices. This is not a surprise as there was plenty of pent up demand for the device and even the Surface RT sold out at launch. Reports are indicating that the 128GB Pro has sold out completely at most places (including the Microsoft Store) and that some locations are out of the 64 GB version too. We have heard that Microsoft is looking to quickly backfill these outages, but we don not have a timeline on when that will occur.

Line wraps around the Microsoft Store in San Jose, image via Rakesh

The Surface Pro represents Microsoft's future direction for the company and is the first full PC to don the company's name and go head to head with the with other OEMs in the laptop category. The the 64 GB version starts at $899 and the 128 GB version selling for $999, neither of those models will come with a keyboard cover, so expect to tack on an additional $100+ to the purchase price.

Microsoft Store in Bellevue, Twitter via Java Junkee

Microsoft is also offering a $20 discount on a one year subscription to Office 365 Home Premium if you buy it alongside the Surface Pro. If you want a longer two year warranty, Microsoft will sell one with a $50 discount for a limited time.

Image via Geekwire

Let us know if you hear about any lines in your areas or if you were able to get your hands on a device, let us know your first reactions to Microsoft's top tier tablet in the comments below.

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