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Microsoft takes a new approach to PC gaming with Vista

For all the talk about the security features of Windows Vista and the controversy surrounding its inclusion of a number of utilities and file formats that have some up in arms, there's one aspect of Vista that hasn't gotten much attention -- gaming. Microsoft looks to take a new approach to gaming with Windows Vista and is using the operating system as a launch pad for its new "gaming centric" focus.

With Vista, Microsoft is putting a lot of emphasis on DirectX 10 technology which will offload all rendering to the graphics card as well as most computational functions. DirectX 10 will be a Vista-only proposition making Vista the only choice for a number of hot titles launching in the coming months and Crytek proclaims that DirectX 10 is the only way to go to see Crysis in the way it was intended by the developers.

Microsoft is also bridging the gap between the XBOX 360 and PC gaming with the XBOX 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver. The USB peripheral plugs into your PC and allows you to use all of the 360's wireless peripherals including the upcoming Wireless Racing Wheel and Wireless Headset.

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