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Microsoft Teams on Edge and Chrome to offer 3x3 video view support by default

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Microsoft first introduced 3x3 grid view support to Teams desktop clients way back in 2020, enabling users to see as many as nine videos on the screen. However, 3x3 video view is not the default setting for Teams users on the web, as it currently supports a maximum of four videos on the screen. This is set to change very soon.

Microsoft is currently working on a new feature for Teams users on the web to make 3x3 video view the default setting. What this means is that users will no longer have to take explicit action to see nine videos on screen while using Teams on web browsers like Microsoft Edge and Chrome.

Microsoft Teams desktop clients, on the other hand, support 7x7 video view as the default setting, meaning up to 49 videos can appear on the screen during a Teams meeting. Make no mistake that this is 49 meeting participants in a single Grid View. If the number of participants exceeds 49, the remaining can be seen on the next Gallery View. Similar will be the case in Teams meeting on the web browsers. While 3x3 video view will soon be the default setting in Teams for the web, more participants can be viewed on the next page of the Gallery View. Currently, you can add up to 250 people in a Teams meeting.

Microsoft Teams 3x3 video views

On the Microsoft 365 roadmap page, Microsoft mentioned that it would make 3x3 video view the default setting for Teams for web browsers in May. The software giant also mentioned that support for being able to see up to 9 videos (3x3) automatically would be available on Chrome and Edge without giving us details on whether other web browsers will support it.

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