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Microsoft Wi-Fi now included with Windows 10

Earlier today, Microsoft pushed out a new build of Windows 10, build 10158, and with this release comes a 'new' app called Microsoft Wi-Fi. This app, which was called Network beta in previous releases, makes it easy to connect to Wi-Fi locations around the world with a single payment source.

Here's how it works, the app is a premium service that will let you connect to Wi-Fi locations that are covered by Microsoft in the country where you paid. If your machine is in the vicinity of one of these hotspots, you can connect to it through the app store by clicking 'Buy Wi-Fi from Windows Store'. If this sounds familiar, it appears to be nearly identical to Skype Wi-Fi with a slightly different business model.

With the Wi-Fi app, you pay for periods of time, rather than a monthly fee; this way, you only pay for the services that you use. To pay for connectivity, it looks like you will use the same account that is connected to the Windows Store.

We know not everyone will need this app as tethering and free access points (like Starbucks) make finding open airwaves not too difficult. But, when you need connectivity, Microsoft Wi-Fi is one more option to allow you to surf the web.

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