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Microsoft will deliver at least one new build of Windows 10 per month

During the past few weeks, Microsoft has promised to improve the speed at which Windows 10 builds are released to Insiders. While it has been over 50 days since today's release of build 10041, Microsoft is going start delivering on the speed improvement promise in a big way.

I had a chance to talk with Gabe Aul today, head of the Windows Insider Program, and he said that for Fast ring users, they will now deliver one build per month, but there is a good chance that there could be multiple releases in a month too.

Aul said that they will not commit to anything more than one release per month but based on the new workflow for builds to be released, there will be more candidate builds of Windows 10 put to vote for Insiders. More so, Aul cannot say when each month a build will be released as there are far too many variables about when a build is ready for consumption. Simply put, new builds are coming hot and fast but there will not be a standard release cadence other than 'at least one per month'.

Other things that Insiders need to know is that Microsoft has to have blackout periods internally where channel branches can push features to the main branches knowing that those builds will not be flighted. They do this to make sure new features have plenty of testing and polish before they roll out to insiders; Microsoft will not make it known when these blackout periods are occurring. Also, these periods are in the terms of one week, not months.

All of this news should be a welcomed by Insiders who have been eagerly awaiting faster builds even if they will be a bit more buggy than standard releases. Also, if you are not prepared to try out new builds at this faster cadence, make sure to move your install of Windows 10 from the Fast to the Slow ring.

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