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Microsoft's latest iPad vs Windows 8 commercial might be best one yet

Microsoft has released a new iPad versus Windows 8 commercial and it might be the best one yet. The 31-second commercial shows how the Lenovo Yoga offers all of the features of the iPad while in tablet mode, and then when needed, flips to the standard laptop layout while those with iPads waste time trying to attach a keyboard.

The reason why this commercial is so important is because it shows a real-world scenario of how the Lenovo Yoga bests that of the iPad in the classroom and that it is a great companion for those who are heading back to school. Of course, seeing that the commercial came out in late August and many students are already in the classroom, this commercial may have been better suited to air over the summer before the back to school goods were purchased.

While this commercial is a new spin on Microsoft’s iPad vs Windows 8 PCs, Microsoft does conveniently leave out the price, with the Yoga 11s starting at $749. While obviously more expensive, depending on how you equip the iPad, it can reach easily into that price point. 

But, while not explicitly named the Yoga (as the commercial name implies) BestBuy does have a Yoga like device, the Lenovo - IdeaPad 11.6, with a price starting at $449.99 that has all the features shown in the commercial.

Source: YouTube

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