Microsoft's GitHub buys Pull Panda to improve workflows

Just last year, Microsoft acquired the open-source development platform GitHub, and with it came some good news, such as the ability to create unlimited public repositories for free. Since then, the platform has made its own purchases, like last month's acquisition of Dependabot. Now, yet another company is being absorbed by GitHub, with today's announcement that Pull Panda is joining Microsoft's platform.

Pull Panda is a service that aims to make team workflows easier when it comes to coding projects. It offers three main features: Pull Reminder, which sends Slack notifications to managers when pull requests that need to be reviewed; Pull Analytics, which gives insights on how effective and efficient a team's process is, and Pull Assigner, which automatically distributes tasks and code to the team, making sure no one is overloaded.

Pull Panda was a subscription service, with prices starting at $14 per month and going all the way up to $149 per month for unlimited users. With the acquisition, all of the paid subscriptions are now free, and the features above are available through the Pull Panda app in the GitHub marketplace.

In the future, GitHub plans to make the feature set of Pull Panda available directly in its own platform, but for now, anyone can enjoy its benefits for free, which should be good news for many development teams.

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