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Microsoft's holiday 2020 commercial is all about Minecraft, Flight Simulator, and good dogs

Image via WinObs

Today, Microsoft released this year's holiday advertisement. Last year's ad was centered around a little girl that used Skype Translate to talk to reindeer, but this one is all about the family dog.

It starts off with some sad music and the dog wandering around. First, the dog tries to get attention from the son playing Halo on Xbox, then from the mother that's on a Teams call. It heads over to the daughter that's playing Minecraft on a Surface Laptop, and at least she gives our good dog a smile before she goes back to ignoring it. Our good dog heads into another room where it can be ignored by the father, who's playing Flight Simulator on a Surface Studio. Frankly, it's a situation that we can all relate to a little more than we're comfortable admitting.

Dismayed and depressed at the neglect of his owners, our good dog stares out the window, and while another dog is staring back, it decides to lay down and fall asleep, dreaming of a better life.

And dream it does. The dog is taken into the world it deserves, flying in a plane in Flight Simulator, jumping around in Minecraft, on a conference call with a bunch of other good dogs, and more. The two dogs even play fetch for the Master Chief, actually bringing a grenade back to him after he throws it. they even roll around in the grass a bit on Bliss wallpaper.

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