Microsoft's My Phone service now in open beta

You may remember a while back, Microsoft announces a new web-syncing service named My Phone, aimed at, you guessed it, cellphones. We at Neowin have given our first impressions on it, but at that time it was still only available through an invitation from the Redmond company itself. Well, this is no longer the case; according to Slashphone, the service is now in public beta status, meaning that everybody can now go and try it out for themselves.

My Phone provides automatic syncing and backup, which means that users can have appointments, contacts, and even text messages be constantly up to date; it also means that users can instantly restore all information upon losing their phone, or something similar. Additionally, My Phone users will apparently be able to upload media (such as photos and videos) from their Windows Mobile phone straight to the My Phone service.

Slashphone says that there is another software update for the service due out in the next few weeks, so be aware of that. So please, go and check it out, and reply back in the comments to tell us how it goes, and detail the parts that could be improved.

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