Modern Warfare 3 subject of Best Buy bomb threat

We know; sometimes it's frustrating to find out that a game that you wanted to buy is sold out at your favorite retail store. But according to the web site, a man in Aurora, Colorado went way too far in explaining his frustrations to the employees of the local Best Buy store after finding out that the location had sold out of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 on Tuesday.

The story says that 31 year old Lomorin Sar was arrested by the police after he started yelling at the Best Buy store's customer service desk. He claims that he pre-ordered Modern Warfare 3 but he later discovered that the store didn't have any more copies available after its midnight launch event for Activision's first person shooter.

The story claims that he allegedly threatened to shoot Best Buy employees in the store parking lot and also threatened to blow up the store itself. After he left the store, employees contacted the police who arrested him outside the store and issued Sar a summons for disorderly conduct.

Getting all riled up just because a video game isn't in stock is no reason to threaten anyone, no matter if you mean to do it or not. We suspect that Sar feels really embarrassed about his actions toward the Best Buy associates and will hopefully learn a valuable lesson; just wait a few more days until the store gets another shipment.

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